Outfitted: Chambray + A Ballerina Skirt

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Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday, the week is half way over! Haha! I bought this skirt last year from H&M, which surprises a lot of people as they always think its from American Apparel, its kind of a modern take on a ballerina skirt and I absolutely love the movement it has! So much so that I can’t help but to flick and twirl it as I walk. I need more skirts like this in my closet, I just adore the feminine touch it adds to an outfit.
Also, have you all noticed my obsession with chambray tops? I’m pretty sure I’ve incorporated them one way or another in several previous outfit posts. They’re just so versatile! I’m constantly on the lookout for them at work or during shopping excursions. They’ve became the new version of a denim jacket for me and (as seen in many of my outfit photos) are the perfect item for layering. Just throw it over another top and cinch at the waist, layer it under a crop top, or wear it as is! In my eyes, you really can’t go wrong with chambray :)
How do you all wear chambray? I’d love to get more style ideas! Let me know in the comments :) Thanks for reading!
‘Till Next Time…

Chambray: Zara
Striped Tank: H&M
Ballerina Skirt: H&M (similar <3 the color!)
Loafers: Bass by Rachel Antonoff via Crossroads

21 Responses to Outfitted: Chambray + A Ballerina Skirt

  1. Oh to Be a Muse says:

    Love your skirt and the shoes. Did you Instagram these photos? They look great.

  2. This look is super cute!

  3. Shopaholic on a budget says:

    So pretty! <3 I love it :)


  4. Ashlei says:

    Thanks Cheryl! I didn’t use Instagram for these, I was just playing around with effects on Photobucket.com, that’s what I usually use to edit my pictures :)

  5. Ashlei says:

    Aww, thanks so much! :D

  6. Fashionablememories says:

    You have such beautiful smile! I love the casual, but feminine style you have! I usually wear chambray as a jacket with a maxi skirt or casual jeans. If you have the time, please check out my blog.

  7. Wida says:

    I’ve never tried the chambray look! I want to have your skirt though! Can I borrow it?! Hehe.

    Missing Amsie Blog


  8. Ashlei says:

    Thank you! You’re so sweet :) I will definitely check out your blog, thanks for stopping by + commenting!

  9. Юлия Гонт says:

    awesome outfit! loveyour skirt and shoes! very nice!

    Inside and Outside BlogP.S. following your lovely blog

  10. Юлия Гонт says:

    awesome outfit! loveyour skirt and shoes! very nice!

    Inside and Outside BlogP.S. following your lovely blog

  11. Caitie Schlisserman says:

    obsessed with this outfit – you look fab!


  12. Ashlei says:

    Thanks Wida! Of course you can borrow it, we can do a swap, haha! ;)

  13. Ashlei says:

    Thanks Lyosha! For both the comment and the follow! :)

  14. Ashlei says:

    Thanks Caitie! p.s. I love how you spell your name :)

  15. You look great!  I love your skirt & how you paired it with a denim shirt! 


  16. Ashlei says:

    Thanks Allison! This has become one of my staple outfits, haha! :)

  17. I don’t blame you!
    P.S. Please check out/follow my blog when you get the chance!!


  18. Juliana Daddi says:

    I adore this outfit!  The skirt goes so perfectly with the tied denim shirt.


  19. Ashlei says:

    Thanks Juliana!

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