Keep It Simple, Silly.


Less is more.

I don’t know who said it first, but they were right and as I’ve moved into my ::cough::later::cough:: 20’s I’ve started to appreciate that sentiment more and more.

Especially within my closet.

Have you ever noticed how we complicate our wardrobes? And in turn how it affects our personal style.

We’re constantly tempted by the next must-have trend, the hot new shoe, the “it” bag of the month. We find our closets becoming more complex with each new season.

Whenever I feel distraught about the state of my closet and find myself over-complicating my style, it’s a clear sign to take a step back and remember that old and true statement – Keep it simple, silly.

basic-tee-boyfriend-jeans-8 basic-tee-boyfriend-jeans-4



I enjoy the simple things in life

A basic cup of coffee rather than an extravagant latte is satisfying.

A simple homemade meal rather than a fancy plate out is comforting.

A straightforward ensemble of t-shirt and jeans is effortless {and comfy}.


leopard-print-flats-boyfriend-jeans rebecca-minkoff-handbag


While in essence I’m wearing a basic t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, and flats. Because it’s so basic, I’m able to add my own flair with accessories, pops of color, and lively prints.

Focusing on keeping it simple refreshes your mind and gets you back in tune with the foundation of your personal style.


How do you like to keep it simple?

Hope you have a fantastic rest of the week and weekend.

Sending my love from VA :D

Thanks for reading!


//Shop the Look//

T-shirt – H&M (similar) // Boyfriend jeans – Old Navy // Flats – JustFab // Handbag – Rebecca Minkoff // Necklace, Bracelet, & Watch – Michael Kors // Sunglasses – Elizabeth & James

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